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I could sit here and tell you how much I won playing live casino games. It’s not millions but it’s still something. However, that wouldn’t be the whole truth. Because just like I won, I also lost.

You know, if I stopped playing today, I’d probably miss the roller coaster of emotions the most. That’s how you feel alive. The upswings. The downswings. The circle never ends.

Overall, casino games have changed my life in a variety of ways. And money isn’t even the most important lesson it taught me.

How live casino games can change your life

casino chipsLet’s just get this out of the way. Gambling is dangerous and should only be done with money you can lose. I’m not saying that the lessons I learned cannot be learned elsewhere.

But for me live casino games have done a lot of good.

For example, I learned to face my fears. I am shy and that’s mostly the reason why most of the time you will find me behind the computer screen. But I started playing live blackjack online with live dealers. And after a while, I decided to come to a real casino. And maybe it was because the happy atmosphere, maybe just because everyone is preoccupied with their own bets, but my social anxieties vanished.

I also became much stronger mentally. Which came with an added bonus of better money management. Casino is tough. You love everything about it and, if you let yourself get carried away, suddenly you hate everything. In a casino mental toughness is key. You must set rules and be able to follow them. If you don’t know when to say goodbye, you shouldn’t even say hello.

The same applies to money management. You are allowed to lose because you then still have plenty more left. If you throw your own rules out of the window, start chasing your losses – you’re finished. So, you either toughen up or don’t come at all.

casino chips cardsI understand that for some gambling has caused pain. But I’m happy to look back at these several years of live casino games. The character it helped me build was the vehicle that took me to the place I am now, to the people I work with, to the business I am a part of. Everything fell right into place.

So, if you also would like to experience a similar kind of transformation in a safe manner, here’s what you can do. Go to a casino with $20 (or an amount that you are comfortable with) and set a rule. You either go home with half of the money (no less) or when you reach $30. You may think it’s unwise to experiment with money. But the way I am built, it was the driving factor. My burning desire to win kept my discipline strong. That’s even how I got this job!