There are many good casino games on the market. In a variety of designs, whether they are superhero, monopoly or antique games. The possibilities are almost unlimited, which makes it almost impossible to try them all out and play them through. That’s why we picked the selection of casino games and picked out the top ten games we’re presenting here. They are all playable for free and provide hours of fun in the usual slot machine atmosphere.

Playing casino games for free is often not that easy anymore. Too often one finds after a supposedly free registration via email suddenly a payment barrier or another form of obstacle, which then suddenly asks for numbers. This is a waste of time and is perceived by many people as annoying. For this reason, many people do not even try to research for free games.

5. Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild


We chose the game as the 5th best casino game because it’s hard to beat for jungle action. What exactly is it about? You are in the wild jungles of South America and are looking for treasures, ancient objects and other treasures of the ancient Aztec culture. The artefacts of the ancient Aztecs can be captured by skilful games. Through spins and the right combinations, players can collect abundant coins and collect crates of gold. The game rewards eager players with varying numbers of free spins.

4. Lucky Valentines

Already in the name you can see that this game is about love and its holiday – Valentine’s Day. It is important to mention that the game is taking place in Paris. The Eiffel Tower in the background, romantic mood in the foreground. It is played classically with cards that are all worth different numbers of coins. The different symbols represent different values ​​of the cards, the Valentine’s Day love letter is the best card and worth five times a standard card.

3. Wild North

wild north

The wild north is actually the Nordic wilderness in this game, bursting with adventure and challenge. The graphically high-resolution game offers spins with a minimum price of 0.2 Euros up to 50 Euros per round. The addition “Racing Reindeer” gives you additional free spins during the game. In total, there are 6 additions that can be earned – in addition to larger sums of money that can be won! The wilderness of Scandinavia, however, is also not too short. So you can see reindeer, wolves, brown bears, owls and other animals of the Scandinavian wilderness during the game. The high-resolution graphics and sophisticated game make “Wild North” our seventh-favourite slot game.

2. Victorious

With 5 columns and 243 possible runs, the game is certainly one of the most exciting of its kind. It is not only very variable in the course of the game; the design is anything but normal. In the style of the ancient Romans shows “Victorious”. That this is not without militant style elements is clear. The symbols of the slot game are ancient symbols from the Roman Empire, including swords and helmets of Roman legionaries. Additional high winnings that are possible in this game, also waving additions of up to 25 free spins. For us a deserved number six.

1. 1 Can 2 Can


It’s not easy to find casino games for free without registering, it will be even harder to find such a colorful and fun slot machine as this one. In “1 Can 2 Can” you are in the tropical jungle surrounded by koalas, wildcats, exotic fruits and other things that a tropical forest has to offer. You can bet one penny per payline and up to 2 euros, ten different symbols in the fruit and tropical style indicate the result of the spins. There is an additional opportunity in the game to gamble with their bets to win a lot or get rid of the bet. A colorful and, above all, exciting game.